Customer Notice - Wireless Service Providers


We are marking this as resolved, but recommend that you keep checking on the provided links if you continue to experience congestion.

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We want to make our customers aware that the Wireless Service Providers are struggling to keep up with the sudden demand of many millions of people working remotely. This is causing them to have congestion errors on their outbound and inbound calls. We are providing you this information so that you may be able to pass it along to your own customers in order to keep them informed. If you dial a wireless phone number, you may be greeted with fast busy tones, call failures, or poor audio quality. Additionally, you may have callers complain of call failures to your numbers because of this.

This is a customer notification in order to keep you prepared and informed during this very crazy time. There are currently no technical or capacity issues impacting the Skyetel network. Our network is operating normally.

You can send your end users these links should they need more information:




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