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We have finished updating our SMS System, and SMS enablement is now restored.

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We are happy to report that our team has made extremely fast progress on this bug, and will begin deploying an update to our system tonight. We expect SMS enablement to be available again by the end of the day tomorrow.

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We want to provide some additional details on the scope of this issue, and what you should expect.

At the end of January, TCR released an update to their API that deprecated the auto-approval process for SMS Registration. Effective January 31, all new registrations require a manual review of the campaigns. Manual. As in humans are doing it. For every registration.

Unfortunately, this change caused our registration system to break, as it needs to conform to these new requirements. In addition to changing our SMS Registration interconnections, Skyetel customers will now have to wait while their Campaign Registration is manually reviewed before they can send SMS through our network. They have published an expected timeline of 5+ business days between the time a registration request is submitted and its approval.

These changes have to be accounted for in how our portal interacts with the SMS Gateways, and is the reason for the extended resolution.

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We are aware of an issue that is preventing SMS Registration from completing successfully.

We have determined the route cause to be related to a breaking API change made by The Campaign Registry. Unfortunately this change is not a small one, and will require some development work to accommodate. We do not have an ETA for resolution for this, but expect it to take at least a week to resolve.

We are as frustrated by this as you are, and are working as fast as possible to resolve this issue.

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